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Everyone you ask about selling your car will tell you that the first thing you must remember is the title. Without it you will have problems. Not so. Although this is generally the case, the laws differ from state to state, so it is very important to find out which situation applies. In some states you can sell the vehicle without a title, but you won’t be able to register it.

In some states different laws apply to vehicles newer than 12 years; or older than 12 years. If it is older than 12 years, you can (mostly) sell it without a title, as long as it meets certain requirements:

Its VIN needs to be checked by the DMV. This is a simple process by which the state database is checked to see whether it has been reported as stolen. If it hasn’t, you can move on to the next step. However, if it has the matter will have to be reported. Your task will be to get hold of the Sherriff’s Department to explain how the vehicle came to be in your possession. They will most likely allow you to proceed with the sale, unless there are any legal inquiries pending with regard to that vehicle.

There is an Affidavit that you will need to fill out indicating your intention to dispose of the vehicle. This document requires you to state that the vehicle is legally yours; that it is older than 12 years; that you do not have a title for it and that it is basically inoperable.

The last step is filling out a bill of sale – and receiving payment for your vehicle from a dealer. If the car is newer than 12 years:

It is obviously quite simple to go to your local DMV office to have a duplicate title printed – but this may cost you from around $15 to as much as $60. If you won’t – or can’t – spend that amount of money the only option left to you is to go to the County Sherriff’s Department to ask for a form allowing you permission to sell a car without a title to a salvage yard or dealer certified to buy your vehicle for parts or scarp.

This transaction still requires you to have a valid state identification document.
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