Cars With Title/No Title

Junk Cars Atlanta was started in the year of 2006 by Mr. Demetrius King. In the begining junk car Atlanta was a very small business that grew from the need of so many people wanting their junk cars removed from homes an business. Since then, we have become one of the biggest an best highest paying junk car buyer in the metro Atlanta area.

Our number one concern has always an will always be customer satisfaction. We are a family owned and operated junk car removal company owned by Mr. Demetrius King and his staff strive to be honest and fair with all customers we buy junk cars from.

Junk car Atlanta specializes in buying junk car with or with titles and will work with you to get you cash for you old or used junk vehicle.

We have trucks all over the metro area which allow us to offer same day services in most cases. Please note that we buy cars even if its not a junker yet. Junk Cars Atlanta always offers free towing and we pay cash on the spot or you can opt for a check as well. we buy more because we pay more.

Truck With Title Or No Title

There is an Affidavit that you will need to fill out indicating your intention to dispose of the vehicle. This document requires you to state that the vehicle is legally yours; that it is older than 12 years; that you do not have a title for it and that it is basically inoperable.

The last step is filling out a bill of sale – and receiving payment for your vehicle from a dealer. If the car is newer than 12 years:

It is obviously quite simple to go to your local DMV office to have a duplicate title printed – but this may cost you from around $15 to as much as $60. If you won’t – or can’t – spend that amount of money the only option left to you is to go to the County Sherriff’s Department to ask for a form allowing you permission to sell a car without a title to a salvage yard or dealer certified to buy your vehicle for parts or scarp.

This transaction still requires you to have a valid state identification document.